luxuary haircare we deserve

By Falengreen is a certified luxuary haircare line with more than 15 years of reached. Bringing the right indgrediens for you and your body that gives you a less risk of allergy and same time protect the air and earth. Moustrising is what you need for your hair and body. 

By Falengreen is a unic small intelegent productline you can mix in many fantastisk ways. The hole range is with low PH just under 5 so everything is mild and lovelty to work with. You will feel the beauty of working with a productline you can trust and sell to clients from your heart. 

Welcome to a new world were you finely are kept in focus with luxuary and a documentation what you put into your hair and body everyday. Beautifull unisex design that will 

Exclusive design you will love to show in your bathroom.

Remember the amazing color in ‘F’ stand for: 

Heaven & Ocean & diamonds & Inside peace.