Good to know about contact allergy

Contact allergy

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Contact with chemical substance, penetrates through the pores and into the small blood vessels just under the skin.

Once it is in your blood, it can travel throughout your body.

Skin barrier consists of a thin layer of fat, water and skin cells that protect your skin.

If it is destroyed by chemical substances, the skin will swell and become red.

These symptomes can be a response to chemicals you can not tolerate. This type of allergy is called contact allergy.

(Dansih source)
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More than 90 allergens

According to the Dansih Information Centre for hairdressers, there are about 90 different allergenic ingredients in the hairdressing industry.


  • Dyes
  • Perfume
  • Preservatives, etc.

All these chemicals may cause contact allergy.

(Dansih source)
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