Our products contain no harmful additives and leaves a healthy scalp and a shiny hair.

When I was 8 years old I started working for the first time in my moms salon. Hairdressing has been in my family for many generations so I have always had the interest and true passion for making people look and feel amazing.

Working as a successful hairdresser throughout Europe, I discovered first-hand the harsh reality of how some ingredients and bad chemicals can affect both hairdressers and consumers.

I started to feel these allergy reactions on my own hands and body.

My fingers became red every day after work and it started to spread all over my body.

This gave me the idea to start looking into the hair products and the ingredients I was using. I then began to study about ingredients and what kind of ingredients we could replace and which were not so toxic. After 15 years of development and very hard work it is my honour to proudly present By Falengreen.

The reason why it took such a long time to develop is because most moisturising indgredients we need in hair products are not very good for the envorinment and are often not approved nor Allergy certified for our skin.

After many years of very hard work I can proudly say that it happen.

I welcome you to By Falengreen: A unique Certified professional hair line made in Denmark.

Today I have no more allergy and together we can make a difference.

Lets protect ourselves -our families- the ocean and the air we breath in every day.

Your advantages By Falengreen productline:

  • Without perfume
  • Without silicone
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable emaballage
  • May be used by the whole family – babies too

(No. 03, no. 04 and no. 07 contains a mild perfume)


To minimize you and your family's risk of developing allergies and make it easy, to avoid the allergens in your daily consumption of hair products

By Falengreen will appeal to use hair products wisely.
– Caring for yourself, the environment and the future generation.

To manufacture haircare products of high quality without compromising.

By Falengreen will manufacture haircare products that provide professional results every time using the products.


To identify and reduce the steadily increasing percent of allergy sufferers in contact allergy using certified hair care products.

Luxuary haircare we deserve.

Remember you are a beautiful person.
Respect your self for who you are no
matter what anyone say.
Have faith in yourself and aim
for your dreams.
Find your inside peace and believe in you.

With love and care from
Dorte Falengreen