No. 13 – Volumespray (150 ml)

198,00 DKK Inkl. moms

Volume Spray no. 13: Moisturising. No perfume. Flexible hold.

Amazing moisture volume spray
build on wheat protein instead of
salt. No perfumes.
Gives your hair moisture and at the
same time great volume and shine to
your hair. Help to protect your color
treated hair or your natural colored
hair. Mild and gentle to the skin and
scalp. Can be sprayed straight into
the scalp and and does not effect the
scalp after coloring.. Contain wheat
protein to help strengthen your hair

Recommend to use for curly hair ( as
a curl spray)

Sales arguments:
• Gives volume but the same time
protect your color
• Ecolabel (environmentally
• Allergy Certified (Approved for
people with allergy)
• Approved for pregnant
• No perfumes
• Mild to use for the scalp
• For all hair types

  • Astma Allergi Danmark
  • Svanemærket