No. 15 – Wax (75 ml)

159,00 DKK Inkl. moms

Wax no. 15: Nordic swan labelled. Strong hold.

Exelent Stong hold wax with no perfumes.
Easy to style with and gives
a perfect hold all day. Mild hairwax
strongly recommented also to kids
and young boys.
Can be mix with hair serum for a
ligher effect and perhaps to longer

Exelent for traning ( ex playing foot
ball) does not run in the eyes and
Help to control teens bad pimples
and bad skin
Mom like to buy the best for her kids
and with this allergy certified wax it
will help to protect her kids of any
hormone (Endocrinbe distrupters).

Sales arguments:
• No perfumes
• Allergy Certified
• Ecolabel (environmentally
• Strong hold
• Approved for pregnant kids and
• No Silicones
• No color
• For dry and irritable scalp

  • Astma Allergi Danmark
  • Svanemærket