Hairspray – No. 17 (100 ml)

100,00 DKK Incl. vat

Strong hold and nice shine.

Wonderfull hairspray strong hold
with no perfumes. Perfect to use
after styling. This hairspray last long
through the day and can be recommend
to use on wedding set hair.
Lovely to spray in salons all day long
because of the no perfumes . This is
a lovely feeling and specially after
working all day in salon with a lot of
diffirents sprays all day. You really fell
the differents.

Strong and last long , can be used for
wedding set hair.
Smart little 100 ml hairspray perfect
for handbags, travelling
Recommendet for men.

Sales arguments:
• No perfumes – No headache
• Ecolabel (environmentally
• Strong hold
• For all hair types

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