Volume shampoo – No. 22 – no perfume (1000 ml)

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Shampoo/volume no. 02: Normal and dyed hair. No perfume.

Perfect shampoo that does it all and
for all hair types. No perfumes
Help to give your hair volume but still
a the same times it is moisturizing so
it help to protects your hair and your
hair color.
Recommended also for greasy hair.
Contains Amino acids which help to
strengthen the hair.
Perfect shampoo to use when you
rinse of your hair color or bleach.
This shampoo is mild you can use this
for your face and body.
Teens with dry scalp and greasy hair
we recommend to use this shampoo
and then when the natural balance is
back in the hair (no more grease and
no more dandruff ) we recommend
to use By Falengreen no 1.

Sales arguments:
• Help to give volume but the
same time protect your color
• Ecolabel (environmentally
• Allergy Certified (Approved for
people with allergy)
• Approved for pregnant and kids
and babies.
• No perfumes
• Approved for pregnant & kids
• For all hair types (also recommend
to greasy hair)
• Face & Body wash
• For the hole family

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