No. 24 – Volume shampoo – mild perfume (1000 ml)

389,00 DKK Inkl. moms

Shampoo/volume no. 04: Normal and dyed hair. Slightly perfumed.

Perfect shampoo that does it all and
for all hair types.
Gives your hair volume at the same
time it protects your hair and color.
Recommended also for greasy hair.

Perfect shampoo to use when you
rinse of your hair color or bleach.
This shampoo is mild you can use this
for your and body.
Recommend to tell clients if they
last time bough shampoo no 1 or 21
(1000 ml) and still have some left go
now for No 2 or 22 1000 ml as this
shampoo is god to use when your
hair is more greasy. (after training
or the teens with long and (greasy)
hair need wash. Always a good idea
to have both in the shower. This
shampoo still protect and keeps your
hair soft and lovely which is a very
important sales argument.

Sales arguments:
• Help to give volume but the
same time protect your color
• Ecolabel (environmentally
• Mild perfumes (only 0.02 %)
• For all hair types (same shampoo
as No. 2 but with a lovely mild
• Also recommend to greasy hair
• Face & Body wash

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