No. 27 – Conditioner – mild perfume (1000 ml)

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Conditioner/treatment no. 07: Normal and dyed hair. Slightly perfumed.

Lovely thick and very moustorising
conditioner same indgrediens as No.
8 but with a lovely fragrant. Perfumes
just under 0,02 % with no plant
essential oils. Recommented for hair
treatment leave in for 5-10 minutes.
This conditioner does not make your
hair flat and heavy. But leave it shiny
and flexiable (movements).
It gives a perfect moust to your hair
and still you are able to feel movement
in the hair.

Use no 7 when out in the sun. Can
be used as leave in conditioner and
it can help to protect your hair from
the sun, wind and sea. No problem
to jump in the water because it is
ecolabel and there fore environmentally
This conditioner can be used for a
light curl cream.
Can be mix with By Falengreen hair
serum no 11 for more hold.
Conditioner is so mild and soft to
your skin it is lovely to use for for
shaving legs and bikini lines.
Can be used for hand and body

Sales arguments:
• Lovely think and very moustorising
• Moisturizing
• Protect your colored treated hair
• Mild perfume (0.02%)
• No etheric oils or plants perfumes
• Ecolabel (environmentally
• For all hair types
• Leave in conditioner
• Light curlcream (mix with By
Falengreen serum for more hold)

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